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Project Description
A web control for importing simple excel spreadsheets via copy and paste.

The goal of this project is to eliminate the upload and server-side processing code required to import simple Excel spreadsheets.

To accomplish this, I wrote a simple client-side javascript function that exploits the fact that when you copy cells from an Excel worksheet, they exist on the clipboard as a tab-delimited list, with rows delimited by new-line characters.

Project Status
The logic is fully contained in a web control, with a server-side event corresponding to the submission. When the user pastes from Excel, a in-browser modal popup displays the data and allows for editing before submitting to the server. I am currently targeting .Net 3.5, but I would be able to port it to 2.0 if anyone shows interest.

Live Example
I have put up a live example for anyone to test out.
I've had to take down the live example due to hosting issues.

I will be adding more information when I have more free time.

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